Busy times meet organization

Busy times meet organization

Another busy year covered in heaps of homework and piles of books to read is about to begin. It is a true wonder that organization can save a lot of time. Here, you encounter some breath taking and useful devices/ supplies.

Laptop case- Tous

Notebook- founded in TK MAXX

Pencil case- Longchamp

mp3 player- SONY

Book bag- Longchamp

Pencil case- Longchamp

Calendar- filofax

Purse- Longchamp

mp4 player- founded on Amazon

Headphones- founded in TK MAXX

Handcreme- EOS

Sunglasses- ZARA

Scrunchy- H&M

Blue pen- LAMY

Text markers- Manufactum

Decanter & glass- Zara Home

Backpack- Michael Kors

Purse- Michael Kors

Folder- founded in TK MAXX

Red pen- Faber Castell

Blue pen- Faber Castell

Phone case- founded in iSpot

Black folder- IKEA

Pencil case- Michael Kors

Scrunchy- H&M

Handcreme- eos

Case- founded in Bikini


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