The commencement of a new school year

The commencement of a new school year

Once again arrives the time of uncertainty, as I am about to return to a somewhat normal procedure of school I wonder if I will properly go to school and if the online school period was nothing more than a phase. Maybe future generations will not experience physically the process of going to school. Instead, they would sit at home in a dark room and get educated from a computer.  Will the current qualities of education be as resistant in the future as it is nowadays? Quality education has decreased over the last decades and is already rare. Another aspect which was better in the good old days.

Nevertheless, with or without a pandemic changing schools is not an easy procedure.

Whether online or normal lessons these stationary materials will allow you to survive the advancement of school. As I am commencing into Year 10 I will have to plan in a lot of after school study sessions for the preparation of iGCSEs these will ease my chaotic start in my current school.


After classes, I make notes on what I have learned. In order to fulfil these notes, I research online or I skim through my textbooks. Later, these notes come in handy for exams or tests, where you only have a limited time for studying. I adore notebooks in every design, shape and size.

However, one of my most cherished type of notebooks are the refillable ones from Filofax, they are easy to organize and are available in unique colours and patterns.

If you worship vibrant colours with flower patterns Cedon offers a variety of notebooks and folders which match to ones surrounding. My notebook from Cedon with its lovely design fits in every purse. It always escorts me on study sessions at cafés.

The post its, as well as the metallic pen, are both from Søstrene Grene, a Danish retailer, selling lovely stationery.



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