A removal summer

A removal summer

Another summer full of plans is about to come to an end.

Every year I create a to-do list stating all the activities I want to have accomplished before the beginning of a new school year. However, this list usually doesn’t get smaller, on the contrary, it grows. This year, I made up my mind to attain the leftovers from the last couple of years. Especially in sports and handcrafts. Due to limited travel, I undertook new and old hobbies. I struggled myself through golf lessons and replenished my horseriding skills alongside my younger sister. Being pleased to not fall off a horse nor loosing my ball to an expanse.

I participated at a camp where I encountered with new and old friends, building up a close connection over a short period of time. At camp, I was able to experiment in different regions of art, drama and music.  I discovered a new perspective towards graffiti but most of all I enjoyed the community.

The unbearable heat drove me to a variety of watersports: canoeing, sailing, swimming and stand up puddling.

At Flea markets, I sold some of my creations which you can find in my showroom and some restored goods.

As I am moving to Portugal, my summer comes to a quick and sudden end full of packing, unpacking and furnishing.

I enjoyed every precious moment of this vacation although having to wear a mask often and keeping distance, nevertheless, my summer was once again a once in a lifetime experience.

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