Launching you my journal

Launching you my journal

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a calendar filled with appointments but at the same time, it is a notebook used to document your ideas, experiments, goals and of course your feelings as well as emotions. It makes your ordinary formal calendar informal by adding a bit of colour, shapes and ideas. There is no mess although there is less structure than in a plain and strict calendar. It does not stop the creativity on the contrary it promotes it out over the sky.

Journaling can be extremely simple with the appropriate essentials. The most important essential is a notebook preferably an A5 and of course, it is the best solution to actually have dotted pages. A convenient aspect of a bullet journal is that you start whenever you wish, no rush. 

Examples of goals  and lists: 


  1. movies you want to watch
  2. books you wish to read
  3. destinations you want to visit
  4. savings plan
  5. what would you like to learn


  1. training plan
  2. sleeping log
  3. habit tracker
  4. mood tracker
  5. to-do lists
  6. Day/ week
  7. how much water you drank
  8. menu
  9. workout
  10. plans

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